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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Tribute to Veronica Avluv

This will be a weird way to start off my series of posts, but I've been intending to write this for a while, now. While the adult film industry is still a taboo topic in most social circles, it's become much more mainstream and socially accepted over the years. There are still frequent complaints from groups such as Women's Rights Activists and Christian Fundamentalists, but the industry has been vital to society since the beginning of hieroglyphics.

I could go on about porn, but I'm going to focus particularly on one person by the name of Veronica Avluv. In my opinion, she has played a part in revolutionizing the adult film industry. I will even go so far as to say she is a modern-day hero of feminism.

For anyone who's watched adult films over the past few years, you may have noticed a subtle yet enormous change in the way the "scenes" play out. Instead of women displaying themselves to leering men who bribe them into taking their clothes off, the spotlight has shifted toward the woman's character. Mainstream releases nowadays usually involve strong women who take charge of their sexuality and know exactly what they want. Veronica is no exception to this trend. In fact, she is the poster girl for this trend.

Veronica Avluv is a shining example of what it is for a woman to be in complete control of her sexual identity. She always is a take-charge woman who makes any male (or female) on the set her slave. While some women grieve that they are no longer 20, Veronica boasts about it and wears it like a badge of honor. She wields her experience like a weapon, showing off what she can do and blowing the audience away (no pun intended) every single time.

I applaud Veronica Avluv, not as a great porn star, but as a great woman. She's a hero to women who think their age restricts their rights to express themselves sexually. She's a hero to mothers who would do anything to support their children and give them a bright future. Even though it's made leaps and bounds, the adult film industry can still be cruel and cold, but Veronica proves that a strong woman can face any obstacle and continue to do what she loves. Say what you will about the merits of porn, but there is no doubt in my mind that Veronica Avluv deserves an immense amount of respect and admiration.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Interview (Parts 1 & 2)

With the Red & Black Mixtape nearing completion, Smithy goes on a live show to promote his new release. Listen to the interview here!

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Red & FAQ

Since this page will be my official headquarters, here's an FAQ of things Smithy gets asked pretty regularly.

1. Where can I find your music?

My music is available at a name-your-price basis on Bandcamp, and you can stream most of my songs on Soundcloud.

2. Didn't you make that "Lean Like an Emo" song?

I did, but you may not have heard my version. I was the only one to sell the song on iTunes, but the YouTube audience decided to watch a different person's version. If you want, you can still view my old video on YouTube.

3. Why are you making Rap music? Are you aware of your skin color?

Yes, I'm aware of my skin color, and Rap is more than a racial stereotype. I started making rap music to make fun of the stuff you hear on the radio, thinking I was unique by being a nerdy white kid, making rhymes. Little did I know that the NerdCore movement was picking up speed all around the country. It went from being a genre of music I ridiculed, to a full-blown form of self-expression. Lots of people of different races find an outlet in Hip Hop, and not just gangster stereotypes. For more info, look up NerdCore.

4. Can I make a song with you?

I am always open to collaborate! Before you try to make a song with me, you'd better have a microphone, a working computer, and a few songs that I can listen to. I started out by enlisting my friends' help, but only a couple could actually rap. Since I'm going to be focusing on quality from here on out, I need to make sure you can rap, first. Feel free to contact me through Facebook or Email.

5. Can you make a song for me (podcast, web series, etc)?

As the Joker says "If you're good at something, never do it for free." Fortunately for you, I'm remarkably average, so I can do it for a price that's comfortable. Contact me through Email and we'll discuss what you'd like to have made.

6. How do you make your music?

It's probably the simplest process you could think of. At the moment, I use Audacity (a free software) to record my vocals, and I'm working on making my beats through FruityLoops Studio (an expensive software). My previous albums used royalty-free beats, mostly from beats

7. How can I make Nerdcore music?

Download a cheap or free recording software, find an instrumental, and just go at it. Be aware: Rap is not for everybody. It's a common misconception that rapping doesn't require talent or skill, and it definitely doesn't require brains. That's very much false. The "rap music" you hear on the radio requires a team of engineers, focus groups, and writers, and then a famous person who acts stupid in order to appeal to the audience. Real rap involves one or two people, sitting in front of a computer or a notebook, trying to create poetry. It's not an easy thing. Then again, no music is. If you want to make NerdCore, be prepared to be ignored, laughed at, and broke. This has to be something you enjoy, and not something you think will catapult you into stardom. If you can take it, then welcome to the NerdCore family!

8. Why do you go by "Smithy," and why the hoodie?

"Smithy" was a nickname I picked up when I decided to make a rap album back in high school. My friend, Jon, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and he just called me Smithy ever since. We were going to be a rap duo, called "Smithy N Da Prezident," since Jon was well on his way to become a politician, and by the looks of things, he still is. Our hope was to become the "Tenacious D" of Hip Hop, making self-aware, satirical songs that paid tribute/parodied the genre. We did one cringe-worthy single, and we both found something out about ourselves: I liked it, and he did not. I had fun writing the lyrics, and Jon found it difficult. He came back during my first official album, and we made another terrible song, which was the least popular one of the set, then we officially split. I continued, while he went on with his life.

As far as the red and black hoodie, it was a happy accident. I wore the hoodie in my "Lean Like an Emo" music video, and I used it as the cover art for my first album "The Self-Titled Album." Unfortunately, I took the album off of iTunes, and then moved several times, encountering several hard-drive crashes, so that cover has been lost to history. It became my symbol, since people around town would recognize me by my hoodie, and I would always wear the thing.

9. Are you doing any shows? Will you be touring?

I haven't set any plans in stone yet, but once my new project "The Red & Black Mixtape" is finished, I'll definitely be planning to go out and promote it. Stay tuned for future shows.

If you have a different question that wasn't addressed here, feel free to contact me on Facebook or Email me. Have a pleasant day!

- Smithy

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Red & Black Mixtape

Hey, Smith-fans! This is the first post on my page, so I'm going to use this opportunity to shamelessly plug my music. I'm currently working on a release entitled The Red & Black Mixtape, which is coming close to completion! My previous album, Off the Charts, is currently available on Bandcamp, and it's name-your-price, so you can pay (or not pay) if you'd like. If you like my music, please share it with your friends. I'd appreciate your support.

Now that I have that out of the way, here's what you can expect on this site: First of all, this site will be the first source of all my announcements for shows, releases, or any updates on my music. Secondly, this will be Smithy's official blog, featuring rants or reviews about things I find interesting or worthy of concern. This is more than just a page where you can see my content; It'll be a personal page where you can communicate with me and get to know me. If you like my music, I'd love to get to know you.

So stay tuned for further posts/updates from the world of Smithy! Thanks for your support!

- Smithy